Frequently asked questions

How do I wash my Wild North Kids apparel?

We suggest a cold wash with phospate free detergent. Tumble dry low or hang dry to extend your garments life. Our bamboo can be ironed on low heat if necessary.

Why is everything sold out?

We are a small batch, handmade Canadian company! Each item is made with alot of love by the both of us, we produce as much as we can each month. Styles, colours and patterns change with every season. Please follow us on Facebook for release dates so you don't miss out on your favorites!

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, we do! Please contact us via the contact form with your information and which products you are interested in.

Why Bamboo and Organic Knits?

Our bamboo is incredibly soft, stretchy, and durable. Additionally it is sustainably sourced and follows a strict manufacturing and dying process that is eco-friendly. This ensures that nothing harmful will ever touch your Wild One's skin when they are wearing our apparel or the environment! Our Organic Knits are speical sourced from companies who uphold our values. Our clothing is free from hamrful dyes and manufacturing processes that hurt our beautiful world. Plus they are buttery soft!

Will your products shrink?

You can expect a 5% shrink (at the most) of you Wild North Kids garment